Ich weiss nicht was kommt
Ich weiss nicht was war
Ich weiss nur du bist nicht mehr da

Tokio Hotel has changed but the fandom unfortunately not. Still a bunch of children that can’t accept opinions different from their own and starts insulting right away as soon as someone touches their precious german boys. Maybe you have the band you deserve after all. You can keep all your ‘bye bitches’ and ‘fuck you’ for yourself, I hope one day you’ll grow up since for now you can’t even tell things to people in their faces. I’m laughing so hard at your poor souls.

(btw I listened to the preview and no, I didn’t change my mind.)

LOL at the amount of people calling others “bitches” because they expressed their opinion about the new songs (which of course isn’t “OMG TOKIO HOTEL BEAUTIFUL LOVE YOU KISS KISS FOREVER” because this is the only acceptable opinion you can have in the alien fandom without being bashed and insulted). I never once insulted any of you in expressing my opinion, but of course I can’t expect maturity from everyone ;)

I can’t believe I’m about to say what I’m about to say but I guess this is it. 

I’m really, really disappointed in Tokio Hotel. 

I understand they grew up.

I understand they changed.

I understand they wanted to try out new type of music or whatever.

I understand.

This is not my problem.

My problem is that I can’t bring myself to like the new songs. Nor the music, nor the lyrics.

Honestly, maybe I’m “spoiled”, but Tokio Hotel used to write amazing lyrics. Full, deep, long, inspirational lyrics that you could quote over and over. 

But the new songs… the lyrics are so poor to be honest. I would like to be biased but I can’t, because it got to a point where I can’t justify them in any way for what they’re doing. I was afraid USA could change them but I never really believed they would fall so low. Watching their videos, hearing their songs or hearing a song of the new random american trash band is the same now. I can’t believe their music lost so much quality. 

Of course this is a personal opinion, but seeing around so many people who are disappointed as well, I don’t think I’m the only one feeling like this.

I was hopeful, happy, everything, when they announced the new album. I didnt have any kind of prejudice but then I listened to the songs but then… I was just shocked. Empty songs, that what’s I got.

They say this is the real them, their “freedom”, I don’t know if I have to believe them and realize I stanned a group who only made good songs because of their producers, or if I have to think they’re lying because this… music, can’t be the Tokio Hotel I know. I mean okay that they changed, but changing shouldn’t be for the better? This is far worse than I could ever imagine.

I can’t bring myself to buy the album or even to follow them if they make such commercial and meaningless music. Their new lyrics are a repetition of the same three words plus other ten words thrown in the middle of the song randomly. This is not what I signed up for.

Of course it’s not like I don’t listen to any “silly” songs. I have disco songs in my ipod as well as everyone else. But from them I expected more, they were always on an higher level than any other band in terms of music and lyrics. 

I miss their meaningful lyrics. What was so special about Tokio Hotel was that they wrote beautiful lyrics, almost like poems. You could feel it in your soul, words that touched your heart.

But these new songs… I’m really so sad.

It’s not because of the sex or NSFW topics. It’s not like they didn’t talk about those topics before, think about Reden or Human Connect To Human or whatever. The topics are nothing new and nothing scandalous to me. But the way they deliver the message is so poor. I can’t believe they spent 4 years on this… 

Honestly, it just looks to me like they’re trying way too hard to get away from their previous image and they’re doing everything in their power to do it, sacrificing everything that was meaningful about their music. It’s like their only goal is to differentiate themselves from the Tokio Hotel of before and try to make music that can appeal to everyone regardless of the poor quality of the message.

I don’t want the old Tokio Hotel back. I don’t want “depressing songs” (this is what Aliens say to me when I say I don’t like the new songs lol), I just wanted quality music, music that I could love, music that I could be proud of. 

Even when Tokio Hotel had tons and tons of haters that called Aliens the worst names because of “that stupid boyband” I was always proud to be their fan because I knew their music was amazing. But now… now it’s the first time I really feel ashamed because if this is the real them, like they say, then for the last 7 years I stanned a group that was a lie made up by producers and lyricists. I never believe they were everything they said, I never believed they were angels. But I did believe they wrote their songs, I did believe they were capable of making quality music. But now that they’re on their own, making everything on their own, this is the result. And I just don’t understand what happened because I don’t want to believe these poor songs are the real Tokio Hotel.

(PS: I’m not gonna take this blog back. I changed my mind. I don’t delete it just because I made lots of works and I want people to see what they were before and how much they mattered to me. This blog is a piece of my heart anyway, so I will leave it up.)


Okay but everyone, before it’s time to open a new door and move on to this


… can we all just take a moment to think about, remember, appreciate, love and say goodbye to this


because even though they’ve always been (and always will be) the same, this is the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one.

frankiehendrix said: Have your heard Tokio Hotel's new single Run Run Run? I couldn't stop crying, I missed them so much... Though I'd like to know your opinion on the song :)

I’ve seen the teaser, but the song isn’t out as far as I know (?)

if someone has a link to the full song, please send me, I’m really lost as of now lol


edit: I found this, I suppose it’s a leaked song (?). However, if this is the actual song… I find it a bit boring for being a title song :/ maybe they want to show a new style or idk but if I had to judge the album from this I probably wouldn’t buy it. 


Tokio Hotel have definitely upgraded they started out in just a room then had an entire city and now they the kings of the fucking place

Kings Of Suburbia sounds like something 30 seconds to mars would pull out lol

georghotel said: OMFG BLESS THE HEAVENS I MISSED YOU I hope you are doing really well

Hey :) I’m kinda fine… My favourite group is releasing new album next week so I’m living a dream <3 Hope you’re all fine here as well, I’ve heard about Bill talking about the new music video… looks like there’s something serious for once :)

thank you xxx


honestly i was excited to see wat Bill was gonna get tatted

but after looking at it i was like


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