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Okay but everyone, before it’s time to open a new door and move on to this


… can we all just take a moment to think about, remember, appreciate, love and say goodbye to this


because even though they’ve always been (and always will be) the same, this is the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one.

frankiehendrix said: Have your heard Tokio Hotel's new single Run Run Run? I couldn't stop crying, I missed them so much... Though I'd like to know your opinion on the song :)

I’ve seen the teaser, but the song isn’t out as far as I know (?)

if someone has a link to the full song, please send me, I’m really lost as of now lol


edit: I found this, I suppose it’s a leaked song (?). However, if this is the actual song… I find it a bit boring for being a title song :/ maybe they want to show a new style or idk but if I had to judge the album from this I probably wouldn’t buy it. 

I would honestly like to take this blog back but I feel so lost and I know I wouldn’t be able to make as many edits as I did before… maybe I should just turn into a reblog-blog? I don’t know, I feel a bit out of fandom lately and I’m honestly at a loss of what to do but I don’t want to give up on this blog either :/


Tokio Hotel have definitely upgraded they started out in just a room then had an entire city and now they the kings of the fucking place

Kings Of Suburbia sounds like something 30 seconds to mars would pull out lol

georghotel said: OMFG BLESS THE HEAVENS I MISSED YOU I hope you are doing really well

Hey :) I’m kinda fine… My favourite group is releasing new album next week so I’m living a dream <3 Hope you’re all fine here as well, I’ve heard about Bill talking about the new music video… looks like there’s something serious for once :)

thank you xxx


honestly i was excited to see wat Bill was gonna get tatted

but after looking at it i was like


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tokiofreak2021 said: No question, just wanna say I admire you greatly for your strength and courage to finally speak out about the fandom. I can say that I'm definitely not a back stabber and though meeting TH is my dream I wouldn't kill a mouse for it. That being said, for the most part your statements are very correct and I think people need to stop harassing you for stating your opinions online.

Thank you very much :)

I’ve said all I had to say about the topic, so I won’t “bother” people anymore with it, unless they ask for it. I’m not even that interested anymore, most of the fandom will stay like that anyway. 

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I HAVE KIK ONLY BUT LET ME GET MY SHIT TOGETHER AND MAYBE I’LL TRY TO DOWNLOAD STH AND FIND YOU sorry for capslock, but i’m just always so excited when i see you omg

you’re the cutest <3 I would download this “kik” thing but my phone is practically dying and I can’t download many apps :(