georghotel said: OMFG BLESS THE HEAVENS I MISSED YOU I hope you are doing really well

Hey :) I’m kinda fine… My favourite group is releasing new album next week so I’m living a dream <3 Hope you’re all fine here as well, I’ve heard about Bill talking about the new music video… looks like there’s something serious for once :)

thank you xxx


honestly i was excited to see wat Bill was gonna get tatted

but after looking at it i was like


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tokiofreak2021 said: No question, just wanna say I admire you greatly for your strength and courage to finally speak out about the fandom. I can say that I'm definitely not a back stabber and though meeting TH is my dream I wouldn't kill a mouse for it. That being said, for the most part your statements are very correct and I think people need to stop harassing you for stating your opinions online.

Thank you very much :)

I’ve said all I had to say about the topic, so I won’t “bother” people anymore with it, unless they ask for it. I’m not even that interested anymore, most of the fandom will stay like that anyway. 

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I HAVE KIK ONLY BUT LET ME GET MY SHIT TOGETHER AND MAYBE I’LL TRY TO DOWNLOAD STH AND FIND YOU sorry for capslock, but i’m just always so excited when i see you omg

you’re the cutest <3 I would download this “kik” thing but my phone is practically dying and I can’t download many apps :(

cutiell said: do you like Big Bang? :)

Yes but I’m not a VIP :) I just listen to some of their songs :)

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YEAH ITS REALLY SAD, YOU WERE AND STILL ARE THE BEST EDITIOR IN THIS FANDOM :( and about bill’s instagram i’m not even mad anymore, my mental health is too precious to care xd and btw how’s your life? everything’s fine?

yeah I’m hella fine, just going through my final exams period and I’m waiting for a new korean group to debut, they’re practically filling all my free time and I’m really happy to have this new bunch of talented boys in my life xD 

also if you happen to have kakaotalk or Line apps on ur phone add me so we can talk there more often! it sucks that we can’t talk much

my ID is afterdark88 :3

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Yep I know, I stalk your blog every now and then mwahahahaha <3 and your stuffs still inspire me :’)

that’s so nice to hear :’) omg you stalk my kpop blogs? i feel so ashamed now hahahaha 

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omg you’re here omg you posted sth omg i love you omg i miss you omg STILL you missed A LOT mostly selfies of bill and his stupid dog BUT OMG I MISS YOU HELLA LOT

I didn’t miss anything, I follow their instagrams and I see the news on Facebook, that’s why I know for certain there’s no news about albums XD I just laugh my ass off everytime Bill posts something on his IG. At least Georg posts something about music every now and then, Bill is just promoting some brands and friends’ shops lol

I really miss some people here, you are one of them :( If I could just go back to use this blog and edit, I would do it, but inspiration for TH has gone and passion too. It’s sad :’(

miasanweirdos said: 7 months since your hiatus and you’re still my ultimate fave *creys* have a good day

Oh lovely :( Thank you so much… It’s not like I’m not on tumblr though, I just have other blogs and I edit there. But still, thank you ♥

It’s been 7 months since I started my hiatus and still no news about Tokio Hotel new album

I regret nothing at this point lol

miasanweirdos said: friendly reminder that your posts are still my fav and you're still my 'photoshop role model' for editing on my TH blog xD have a nice day :'D

…Woah this is so nice, I never thought I would still get messages like this but it really makes me feel appreciated for the work I did back here… Thank you so much honey, have a nice day you too ♥

frankiehendrix said: So... What if the album eventually is electronic like they said it would be? Would you be disappointed with an album similar to Humanoid? Love you :)

I kinda don’t have any expectations about them or their album anymore… I don’t have ” I would like it to be—” thoughts, I’ll just listen to their new songs and see if I like them or not, whatever style they are, because I already know they won’t be the usual Tokio Hotel style I used to know so…

The situation kinda changed because though they’ll always have a special spot in my heart they’re not my fav band anymore so I’m not sure I will get to like all their songs however they are, like I used to do before… I’ll just listen to the new album with a more objective point of view :)

Thanks for your love darling xxx